New York Offers The Best Up And Coming Technology

Learning more about the new media companies, up and coming technology leaders and the professionals who are poised to make the biggest impact on the industry can be an important concern. With so many businesses making their home in New York, keeping track of all of them may prove to be too great a challenge. Knowing where you can find the best resources to improve your insight and understanding of such matters could hold the key to enjoying greater success from your efforts. Smarter ways Read the rest of this entry »

Reviews Of Up and Coming Technology From New York

Sonic Notify, a mobile phone app which New York tech company Densebrain is developing, is a system for automatically sending information to phones without users needing to download anything. Uses of Sonic Notify have so far included transmitting MP3s to attendees of a concert, and the application is expected to have far-reaching implications for marketing and advertising.

Densebrain is marketing Sonic toward vendors rather than consumers, because consumers won’t need to download anything to Read the rest of this entry »

Reviews Of Technology Out Of New York

Technology is one of those things that will never stop growing. Since the dawn of the industrial age people from every corner of the globe have designed and manufactured some pretty useful pieces of technology. For instance the car. Before the invention of the car everyone would either walk, use a horse and carriage, or just ride a train.
In fact, the invention of the car led to New York City becoming one of the largest cities in the whole world.

What are some new and cutting edge technologies Read the rest of this entry »

Best Tech Companies to Work For: NYC

So you’re moving to New York and you’ve done everything right. You’ve looked up internet service providers by zip code and you’re on the job hunt, but where do you look? With so many great technology companies in town to pursue here are a few of our favorites who love up and comers
Foursquare: Sure, there are dozens of cool app startups headquartered in NYC but we think Foursqaure’s one of the best. If you’re looking for a great work environment and lots of young people to learn from, start here.
Huffington Post: The popular blog is situated here and if you can get past the old employee allegations of unfair pay you’ll love what they’ve got going. If HuffPo isn’t your style try Gawker or Jezebel or foodie favorite Serious Eats.
SecondMarket: If you like investing as much as you like technology SecondMarket is the place for you. Check out the offerings here for analysts, accountants and of course, great web minds and get in the game early as this startup is getting a lot of buzz and won’t be easy to break into long.

The Best Up And Coming Technology From New York

New York has always been a cutting edge placed filled with the brightest minds in the world innovating and carving out their own unique niche in the country. We’ve taken a quick look at some of the best up and coming technology from New York.

New York is known for its fashion, but the technology to go along with that fashion has led to new revolutions. Fashion shows have been completely revolutionized with 3D projectors and applications designed to let participants pick the particulars of what a model Read the rest of this entry »

The Newest Technology Coming Out Of New York

New York is a big city with bright lights. It’s a place that is known for diversity as much as it is known for noisy streets and busy people. So much is happening in the city. Many might simply overlook the fact that this area is growing in leaps in bounds in the area of technology.

The city has used technology to reinvent their public library system. They offer ePublications and massive online projects that serve as a Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Technology Coming Out Of New York

Some of the best technology actually does come out of New York. They are also some of the first people to have access to the best gadgets as well. Everything is not even set out there for a very expensive price. You’ll be amazed to see the many types of gadgets that you can find in New York. Some of the ones that are for sale in that area are not even for sale in any other state yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Up And Coming Technology From New York

New York has been the place to be for fashion and big movie premieres. This year it is also the technology hot spot with a lot of major up and coming events that spotlight technology.

There are an assortment of technology firms in the New York area. This translates into a lot of engineers and designers that are working to unveil some of the most popular gadgets and technologies in recent years.

A lot is being developed in the car industry. The insides of vehicles are being designed to support lots of portable devices. Read the rest of this entry »